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10 best hair care tips

You don’t need to have a celebrity hairstylist to achieve beautiful hair!

In fact, if you change your hair care routine, you’ll have healthier, stronger and shinier hair in no time. Here are 10 tips for natural shining and softer hair.

Watch your diet You’ve heard the saying “You are what you eat”, but this is especially true for your hair. Greasy foods will make your hair will look and feel slimy, whereas eating healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, your hair will absorb the best nutrients!

Look out for harmful ingredients Make sure your hair product is free of harsh chemical cleaning agents by checking the label. Stay clear of sulfates, silicones and parabens if you want to grow healthy, strong hair. They will strip you of essential oils and coat it in a substance that makes it look shiny.

Brush, brush, brush Did you know that your scalp produces a natural oil called sebum that helps moisturise your hair and keep it strong? With a boar bristle brush, you can gently and evenly distribute those oils, for shinier, healthier hair. Just be gentle with your ends.

Wash with cooler water Turn the shower temperature down. Washing with hot water opens your cuticles and strips away moisture from your hair, leaving you with frizz. Cooler water will help lock in moisture, keeping your hair silky smooth.

Massage your scalp When was the last time you gave yourself a scalp massage? They help boost circulation to your scalp, which promotes hair growth. Do it in the shower, do it before you sleep and do it now.

Blot, don’t rub Wrapping your hair up in a towel helps absorb some of the moisture, but make sure you blot, or gently squeeze your hair with a towel, and not rub your hair in. This causes friction and leads to breakage. Be gentle.

Use a heat-protectant Heat is very damaging to your hair, so you should limit your use to only once per week, and always use a heat-protectant. Argan oil is a great product to start, and will protect from thermal damage, keeping your ends soft and smooth.

Sleep on silk If you aren’t sleeping on a silk pillowcase, your hair is losing moisture as you sleep. Silk can reduce bedhead and split ends, and it’s good for your skin. That’s a win-win-win!

Hydrate your hair Conditioner helps hydrate your hair, keeping it soft and smooth. Without conditioner, hair can become dehydrated and dry, leading to breakage. You don’t have to wait for a wash day to helps your ends, conditioner more often.

Use an all-natural shampoo For natural hair repair you should be using an all-natural shampoo like biotin. Use a shampoo that is gentle enough to use on all hair types, and is full of B-Vitamins, which helps rebuild and repair dry, brittle hair, while adding a natural touch of volume. Biotin cleanses hair while maintaining your natural moisture, leaving you with stronger, shinier and softer hair.

Bye, bye, bad hair days.

Shlomo R.

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