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Freedom, empowerment etc.

Editor’s Notes • One Comment

Say freedom and you picture unfurling flags and chest-thumping patriots screaming slogans. To me, an average citizen, freedom means to be...

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Beating the gym blues

Editor’s Notes, Trending • One Comment

I go to the gym for two reasons. First of all, people no longer consider pregnancy as an excuse for weight gain. My ‘baby’ is...

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Nine months and waiting

Editor’s Notes, Trending • 2 Comments

Married – Battalion led by mother, grandmother and older aunts reminds you about the biological clock that is ticking away and their...

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Trust me; I am a journalist

Editor’s Notes, Trending • 2 Comments

A stranger just asked me if being a journalist, I constantly lived in danger. What was she thinking? She next wanted to know if I knew...

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